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We have owned Afghan hounds for over 35 years and have been actively involved with dog shows & showing. During this time we have tried many ranges of grooming products but none of those products performed to the same high standard as Plush Puppy.

It all started when a friend lent me some Swishy Coat to try and I got so impressed with the results that I wanted to try the shampoos, conditioner and other products.

I ordered my products directly from Plush Puppy Australia and when they arrived I couldn’t wait to try them. Immediately after that people started to ask me what I was using, because Cazper looked so good. As I wanted to try more and more of these great products I was facing the challenge of getting them from Australia every time.

At this point I decided to facilitate the process of getting Plush Puppy products in the UK. I knew how good these products were, I knew that they worked and because I had a very strong desire to share my discovery of these great natural products with others, I started to retail Plush Puppy in the UK and Europe.

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