Wonder Wash


    Plush Puppy Wonder Wash.

    A brilliant quick self rinsing solution to use at shows and ringside emergencies.

    Use it on shorter stubborn areas e.g. feet, bottom, face & legs.

    Designed to clean, whiten and brighten or add zing to coats of all colours without bleaching.

    Not a substitute for all over body shampoo.

    Can be used in conjunction with the “hot wet towel” routine for dogs that cannot be bathed due to breed requirements or when a coat is threatening to shed.




    Shipping Delay - We are currently waiting to set up our trade stand at LKA CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW at Stafford.  There will be a few days delay in dispatching online orders due to stock being in the van.  Thank your for your understanding. 

    Plush Puppy Wonder Wash 500ml SPRAY
    Wonder Wash
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