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A classic breed that is symmetrical and well built all over, general outline a series of graceful curves. A strong but graceful appearance. Aristocratic. Alert with appearance of strength, endurance and speed. Their coat is fine, short, hard and evenly distributed, perfectly smooth and straight with decided sheen. Usual colours are lemon and white, orange and white, liver and white, and black and white. Self colours and tri-colours are also correct.

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The Pointer

Highlight this aristocratic breed and respect what the coat should be. Bath using Plush Puppy Herbal Whitening Shampoo which is primarily derived from organic sources with Ginseng extracts, protein, and a violet tone combined in a rich formula that works brilliantly to whiten whites and intensify darker colours. It DOES NOT lighten or bleach but instead tones with optical brighteners.

It reduces yellowing or warm tones in white coats or white areas of the coat and will negate unwanted tones from sun fading or reddening in the coat. Similarly for darker colours, it will reduce any warm tones to intensify the depth of colour by revitalising any lost cool tones.
Herbal Whitening Shampoo makes white coats gleam and sparkle with a pearly sheen. All coat colours are made of the full spectrum of the colours of the rainbow and first tones to fade are always the blues and purples leaving a reddish, orange overtone to the coat. This is a quick and effective way to give depth back to your blacks and reds without damaging the coat or using any artificial coat colourings. Use at a dilution of 1 part shampoo to 5-10 parts water. Lather and then rinse.

There are times where a Pointer likes being a Pointer and gets that extra bit grubby and dirty. For those times first bath using Plush Puppy Deep Cleansing Shampoo. This is a clarifying shampoo designed to remove grease, grime and any product build-up in a dogs coat. By clarifying we mean cutting through ANY impurities to leave the coat in an ultra-clean natural state. This shampoo has extra surfactants that open the cuticle deeper to allow the deep cleaning and clarifying process. It will provide the deepest coat clean available leaving the coat reset and refreshed. Not only will it spruce up dull whites, it can also be used on any colour coat for a thorough and intensive clean. Deep Cleansing Shampoo will assist in reducing unwanted coat stains.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo is a rich formulation infused with Green Tea and Seaweed extracts. Green Tea is full of nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals and Panthenol (Vitamin B). It helps strengthen the coat and retain moisture. Seaweed extract provides detoxification, which leaves the coat in a healthier state. Use at 1:5 dilution rate (1 part shampoo to 5 parts water). Lather well where needed (legs and around the neck generally) and rinse. Then use the Plush Puppy® Herbal Whitening Shampoo.

For any stained areas on any coat type apply for greater whitening use Plush Puppy Wonder Blok. It helps to maintain a white stain free coat. It is not a bleach and contains no harmful chemicals but high amounts of naturally sourced vegetable surfactants and glycerin This product is designed to remove gently unwanted warm/red tones to the coat. Best used on a damp or wet coat. Gently rub into the areas required allowing time (5-10 minutes) and rinse. For maximum effects repeat or allow a longer time for this amazing product to work. As with all products take care around eyes.

This is a weatherproof coat, therefore you don’t want to use a traditional conditioner as this will only soft this type of protective coat. Instead use Plush Puppy Seabreeze Oil. This is a product with true star qualities. Seabreeze Oil adds shine, hydration, and condition to the coat. It can be a wonderful light alternative to regular oiling with longer-lasting benefits.

It is a truly beneficial blend of using extracts of Calendula oil, Wheat germ oil, and Evening Primrose. Use as an alternative to regular conditioner as it will not soften or flatten the coat but retains the correct coat texture. It is non greasy and totally water soluble making it easy to apply without build-up. Seabreeze Oil is excellent for maintaining the healthy vigour to the skin and coat and has healing and calming qualities. For this use at 1 tablespoon of Seabreeze to 1 L of warm water. Sponge on or sluice well through the coat, ensuring even distribution. LEAVE IN. DO NOT RINSE.

Now what else can be done to make this breed more appealing to a judge? Whiten those whites on your Pointer using Plush Puppy Cover-Up Cream. This works to cover up stains and discolouration on coats and is excellent to brighten whites. It gives instant masking of stains, blemishes and discolouration on white coats and white areas with long lasting results that easily wash out. Covers red or worn elbows, muzzle areas and legs to create a whiter coat look. Apply using a damp small sponge, less is more.

Create a fine layer to the desired area and allow to dry. This smooth white cream can be used alone or as a prechalker for Plush Puppy Fairy Frost and is more effective and innovative than the usual methods of white chalking and adding powder to coats.

Fairy Frost will create the brightest white tone that clings all day. Plus, it covers all coats without creating harshness. Fine and easy to use, our formulation means a little goes a long way. Plush Puppy Fairy Frost Regular is naturally sourced and contains no chalk or talc. Use this product instead of chalk or mix with your usual white powder. This product is best for glamorous, perfect whites as it never gets clumpy, even when wet. Apply with Plush Puppy Ultimate Powder Brush, work well into the area where required for enhancing whites. A little goes a long way. Add to your regular chalk mix.

For Show days ensure you have Plush Puppy Wonder Wash for the feet and legs if they got dirty or dusty. This which is a no rinse wet instant shampoo for last-minute emergencies that will clean up anything, pronto. Just spray and foam in with the fingers and towel off.

All senses come into play when judging and a good smelling dog is nice to touch. Plush Puppy Odour Muncher is sensational in that it kills the odour and leaves a pleasant scent behind.

Finish with a light spritz of Shine and Comb, a lightweight, totally oil-free finishing spray. Formulated to add instant healthy looking shine to the coat without leaving a greasy look or feel. Applied to a dry coat, Shine and Comb will make top-lines and colours really shimmer.

Now your Pointer is ready to shine in the show ring for all to see their beauty.

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