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Welsh Corgi – Pembroke & Cardigan

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke, having spent hundreds of years as a farm and companion dog, finally found his way into small agricultural shows in Wales during the 1800’s, but it was not until 1925 that classes were provided for them. At that stage, the Cardigans and Pembrokes were shown together. In 1928 they were officially recognised by the Kennel Club in the UK, and the first Challenge Certificates were awarded. The two breeds were separated on the Kennel Club register in 1935.

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The Welsh Corgi – Pembroke & Cardigan

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke, having spent hundreds of years as a farm and companion dog, finally found his way into small agricultural shows in Wales during the 1800’s, but it was not until 1925 that classes were provided for them. At that stage, the Cardigans and Pembrokes were shown together. In 1928 they were officially recognised by the Kennel Club in the UK, and the first Challenge Certificates were awarded. The two breeds were separated on the Kennel Club register in 1935.

Start at the bathing stage where you need to decide whether you want just more shine or more coat. Double coated breeds often don’t have enough undercoat due to shedding. If it is more coat, then use the Plush Puppy Body Building Shampoo at a ratio of 1:3 (1 part shampoo to 3 parts water). Should you require shine as your primary objective, then use the Plush Puppy All Purpose Shampoo at the same dilution rate. Plush Puppy Herbal Whitening Shampoo can be used for legs or white areas for brightening. For stained whites use the Plush Puppy Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

Don’t be concerned about using a different shampoo for different parts or areas of each dog. Each shampoo is specifically formulated to do something different. Where you need more coat use Body Building. Where you would like added shine (topline and head) use All Purpose. Remember Herbal Whitening has toning qualities for not just whites but intensifies colour to red and black areas.

The Corgi breed do love to play in the yard and at times their whites can suffer. To maintain a white stain free coat use Plush Puppy Wonder Blok.  It’s not a bleach and contains no harmful chemicals but contains high amounts of naturally sourced vegetable surfactants and glycerin. This product is designed to remove gently unwanted warm or red tones to the coat. Use on a  damp or wet coat. Gently rub into the areas required, then allow 5-10 minutes and rinse. For maximum effects, repeat or allow a longer time for this amazing product to work.  As with all products take care around eyes.

The Corgi is a head and ears breed. Care must be used around the face so use Plush Puppy Let’s Face It.  This is a hypoallergenic sulfate free low foaming shampoo designed just for faces. It’s no tear formula features the highest quality Blue Cypress Extracts, Panthenol with Pro Vitamin B and SugaNate. These special ingredients clean, soothe, add moisture, aid healing and have anti-inflammatory benefits. A small golf ball sized amounts directly to the face and eye area allows you to thoroughly clean without causing irritation. It can also be used in and around the ears with the same benefits. Its low foaming design allows ease of rinsing, yet complete cleaning.

winning corgiThe other issue arising with the Corgi’s coat is the texture. The Corgi standards call for coarser or harsher outer coat and penalises a fluffy coat. Therefore we need to avoid anything that will cause softening or fluffiness, but not to be confused with some fullness where required.

Now the trick is to not use a conditioner as such. Conditioners are acid balanced and tend to flatten and soften. The alternative procedure for hydrating and keeping the coat supple without softness is to oil. Use the wonderful Plush Puppy Seabreeze Oil at a dilution rate of 1-2 teaspoons to 1 gallon or 4 litres of water. Apply with a sponge, or sluice well through the coat and LEAVE IN. DO NOT RINSE. This is quite a unique product in that it is not greasy and totally water-soluble. It just adds all the goodness of Evening Primrose and Calendula Oils for an outstanding healthy vigour to the skin and coat. Use after a wet shampoo routine, or between baths during the week for maintenance to the coat. This is one product you cannot be without.

Then the drying process.  Decide whether you want more volume and texture and if so, use Plush Puppy Volumising Spray for quick and easy fuller coat results. Perfect either before blow-drying or used to ‘fluff’ up the coat at the show. A light even spray, brush in until dry or use a dryer. This is a hair thickener to add volume, not a hair stiffener.  It is not easily detectable as it leaves the coat with a natural fuller look and feel.

The major dilemma with most exhibitors was that they wanted to rid their dogs of the wavy areas on the toplines near the tail. The standard does accept some waviness, but it is preferable to have a straighter coat have done it well.

If more straightening is required, then use the Plush Puppy Swishy Coat at 1 tablespoon 500ml of water depending on how much straightening is needed. The more water, the less intensive it will be. You can apply this directly from the jar to the coat but please ensure you apply evenly and don’t waste it! I find diluting with water makes it easier to get through this quite thick coat and doesn’t leave it lying on the top layers only.

The major factor is the blow-drying process itself. While some coats need help with a product, for others the importance lies is the direction in which the coat is blow-dried. To straighten a wavy topline, simply use a Plush Puppy Ultimate Pin Brush or the flat of your hand and push the coat in the opposite direction of the growth pattern. The coat is now to be blow-dried forwards, towards the head.

Switch to the Plush Puppy Ultimate Anti-Static Porcupine Brush a half bristle, half dialon brush.  A brilliant brush to finish off for a smoother straighter finish. Once the dog shakes and the coat falls back into line, the coat will be straighter or perfectly straight.  Finish with a Plush Puppy Professional Grooming Comb, built for absolute ergonomic comfort in various sizes. The lightweight oval shaped spine combining fine and coarse pins made of hardened stainless steel with anodic oxide finish that reduces drag and static to the coat. Perfect for use for this breed of dog.

Drying correctly and frequently is key to keeping any double coated breed in coat. Using a force dryer not only dries the coat but causes and loose coat to be removed and hence developing a “roll” to the coat.  This therefore reduces any major coat drop. Drying the Corgi coat quickly saves time and effort.

When drying use the innovative Plush Puppy FAST Blow Dry Spray that combines clever ingredients to dramatically reduce drying time.  It adds moisture and conditions while protecting the coat. It contains Australian Native Flame Tree extracts known for their hydrating properties that help make a dry or old coat feel and look perfect. It also protects the coat from damage from sun and heat. It contains a slight hold ingredient for better coat management and a special active ingredient that eliminates static electricity and stops the fly-away’s. A brilliant blow drying spray that halves the drying time.

Dry all forwards towards the head as outlined previously. For those who want a little more harshness to the coat for that all-weather feel, nothing beats our Plush Puppy Ruffy Tuffy for instantly adding texture and hardness. Just spray on and blow dry or brush dry.

At times due to various reasons including the weather static electricity can create flyaways. If this occurs use Plush Puppy Anti-Static Coat Control. This is a lightweight spray infused with organic extracts that offers a UV filter to stop sun damage and protect against heat for the perfect finished look of the coat.

On show day apply Plush Puppy Cover Up Cream to cover any stains or discolouration. It is excellent on “red” area on worn elbows and to the white on the muzzle.  Cover Up Cream works brilliantly to cover stains on your whites or to intensify white areas. Apply with a barely damp sponge using a small amount. Build up coverage as required layer by layer until you are satisfied.

For the brightest white tone that clings all day, use Plush Puppy Fairy Frost.  This ultra-fine and bright white powder that is more effective and innovative than the usual methods of white chalking and adding powder to coats. Plus, it covers all coats without creating harshness. Fine and easy to use, our formulation means a little goes a long way. Fairy Frost Regular is naturally sourced and contains no chalk or talc. Use this product instead of chalk or mix with your usual white powder. This product is best for glamorous, perfect whites as it never gets clumpy, even when wet. This stays on the coat well and will last the day till washed off. Apply with the Plush Puppy Ultimate Powder Application Brush. Work well into the area where required for enhancing whites and cover. The absolute best for glamorous perfect whites.

Keep on hand Plush Puppy Wonder Wash for “those show day” last-minute emergencies too as this will clean up the whites, pronto. Just spray foam with the fingers and towel off. Just brilliant on a Corgi coat! Wonder Wash is a brilliant quick self-rinsing bathing alternative solution for quick and easy clean ups without the need for a complete bath. In moments when regular shampooing is not an option, Wonder Wash will clean, whiten and brighten problem areas on all coat kinds. Always keep our handy Wonder Wash in your tack box. It contains optical brighteners, has a fresh apple fragrance, and violet tone.

Grab the judge’s eye with a sprinkle, and I mean just a sprinkle, of Plush Puppy Pixie Dust.  This is a shimmering white powder applied to the topline and pants either by sifting through your fingers or flicked through the top layer with the powder applied to the brush. Brush well into the coat. This can be used on the darker coats too. Just brush well to work the white powder further down into the coat, leaving the glamorous shimmer on the top. This will really pick up the sunlight or spotlights adding a gleam to catch the eye.

Now we are down to the last minute touches, which are always good for not only glamour but to focus your mind and nerves!  Spray with coat with Plush Puppy Shine and Comb just to the topline held at a distance of 12 inches/30cms . This gives a stunning effect to the sheen of the coat.

Not to forget for show day, that final flourish for a great smelling dog with Plush Puppy Odour Muncher. It literally munches the odour and works well for smelly problems such as emergencies in transit. It leaves a light fragrance, certainly not too much and definitely not too little.

They are both a great little dog and have such fabulous personalities. It is no small thing that royalty has served to make the Corgis a well-known dog amongst the public and given everyone the opportunity to see them. They may be small but they can make a huge ring impact and the show scene owes much to the presence of the Corgi.

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